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Loose schedule

It's so hard to predict what I'll be fannishly interested in future months, but here are some guesses:

10 Mar 07--Inaugural address. Studio 60.
17 Mar 07--Life on Mars.
24 Mar 07--Scrubs.
31 Mar 07--...books I have read recently?
7 April 07--Will Doctor Who be back by then?
Summer hits--
Fairwell to Stargate (niqaeli)
Eroica (I always come back to it in May)
Something stariceling shows me on visiting (Kyou Kara Maou? sp?)
Kyle XY
Atlantis if I still give a crap at that point
Live from Vividcon!

Late fall hits--

More stuff I can convince niqaeli to do:
James Hogan
James Schmitz

I'm sure there will be more. Those are just the ones I can foresee.

Anyway, the point is, after a month or so I'm going to need guests to come on and talk about *their* shows. I went and blew about $20 to be able to record phone calls, so all guest hosts have to have is a phone and a fandom--we'd set up a date for you to call me, and talk about your fandom for twenty-odd minutes while I tape the convo, and then I'd edit up the show. Easy for you!

I'll talk that up more when this has taken off a bit.
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